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Open your pool for the season!

The reopening process begins the moment the pool is closed. By keeping an eye on the pool over the winter, the reopening process becomes that much easier. Snow or rain can raise the water level or sink the cover. Since heavy debris can fall in, it is better to remove it immediately than waiting until the spring. Reopening the pool entails reversing the instructions for closing it.

The following is a handy checklist:

  • Take the supplies (chemicals) out of storage and replace those that have exceeded the expiration date.
  • Remove the cover and clean it.
  • Reinstall or reassemble the pump, filter, and other removed items.
  • Remove the plugs and replace return outlet fittings.
  • Refill the pool. Bring the water level up to normal.
  • Restore circuit breakers, switches, and time clock trippers to normal operating positions.
  • Restart the circulation equipment and clean the pool.
  • Balance the water chemistry and check the levels frequently during the first few days (until they stabilize).
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