LOOP-LOC for Unbeatable Quality Pool Liner Replacements

Every small business knows that they have to offer something for customers in every price range. When LOOP-LOC started selling vinyl liners, we knew that they would have an excellent product. This company actually started as a cover manufacturer and quickly became well-known nationwide for quality covers. One of the things that LOOP-LOC does well is advertise; everyone with a safety cover has seen the picture of the cover with the elephant on top of it. Being well known from home magazines and with a quality product, this company is one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

LOOP-LOC actually sought me out. Having an amazing product only works if the top companies who install liners sell your product. We were confident that we would like it, but even still we gave them a trial run. They are one of our most sold liners currently, and we turn to them again and again. With excellent drafting skills and a new liner drafting department in their pre-existing cover division, the fit on their liners is always spot-on. Custom measurements are the most important part of a new install, and their drafting department makes for an easy working relationship. This is a local company out of Long Island. The customer service is always helpful, and the quality is always amazing.

The Advantage of LOOP-LOC

LOOP-LOC currently has the fastest liner turnaround. At the height of the season when some manufacturers can’t make the liners fast enough, LOOP-LOC is always surprising us. Sometimes their turnaround is several weeks ahead of other manufacturers. They offer an array of beautiful patterns, many of which are not offered from other companies, giving your pool the custom look of a luxury liner. Another great benefit is that their patterns are in both 20 mil and 28 mil. They recently came out with a product that is the first of its kind in the liner market: their PearlEssence™ Line. The PearlEssence™ liners have a shimmer to them that can give your pool an added sparkle.
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