Merlin Liners

Merlin Pool Liner Replacements – Quality, Green Products

I have been in this business for nearly 25 years and spent more than 20 of them working with Merlin Industries. After all these years, this is the only manufacturer that I have kept for that period of time, which really says something. Merlin is still my number one seller. Also a family owned and operated business, they are located in New Jersey. Another cool fact about Merlin is that their entire manufacturing plant is solar powered! We love when companies choose to go green!

I can’t say enough about the quality of these liners, including the quality control and warranty program, which I know inside and out. The few times we have ever had a problem, Merlin is always right there to come out and fix it. The best part is that the mistakes are few and far between. With a team of excellent drafters and a team whose job it is to make measurements easier for the dealer, our job is as easy as possible. They are leading the industry with their laser measurements. The ease of direct access to their drafting and customer service departments has kept our companies working together for years.

Variety of Options for Your Liner

The variety of Merlin’s patterns makes them a great choice for our customers; however, there are other reasons that so many choose Merlin. They offer the greatest variety in textured step patterns, allowing customers to have a less slippery entry on their liner covered steps without changing the pattern. One of the most common things people opt for is the value max liner. The ability to get a thicker mil for the same price as a 20 mil has customers choosing Merlin. They offer an exclusive in the industry called AQUA-Max; this specialty liner is treated to provide greater ultraviolet resistance and greater resistance to occasional chemical misuse. It has more than twice as much antifungal and antibacterial protection than standard liners. In layman’s terms, that means a liner that won’t fade as quickly. Who doesn't want that?

Merlin also offers above-ground liners. Merlin is the only manufacturer we offer for customers looking for a stock liner. The quality, warranty, and fit are unbeatable, and we have yet to find an above-ground liner that can match them.
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