Heatsavr Products

Heatsavr is a transparent liquid pool cover that greatly reduces heat loss. The liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the pool, which inhibits evaporation. Heatsavr has been tested and proven to be completely safe and biodegradable. Heatsavr is guaranteed to save energy and water in every pool. Energy savings of up to 40% can be expected. The reduction of evaporation and humidity in indoor pools also lowers the cost of air conditioning and maintenance.

Dosage: Commercial pools require 1 oz. of Heatsavr per 400 sq. ft. each day. Residential pools may use a 1 oz. dosage for pools 400-800 sq. ft., due to lower bather loads. A daily dosage is necessary because the product biodegrades in approximately 24-36 hours.

Heatsavr in Action 

These photos were taken on a cool February morning with the outdoor temperature at 4°C or 39.2°F, and the water temperature at 27°C or 82°F. Within 15 minutes of adding the appropriate dosage of Heatsavr (1.5 oz.) to the 500 sq. ft. pool, the product spread out over the surface area and dramatically reduced the evaporation, as shown in the bottom photo. Evaporation accounts for approximately 80% of heat, energy, and water loss.

Ecosavr Products

Ecosavr has been scientifically developed for use in swimming pools and contains enough Heatsavr liquid for a standard home pool of about 400 sq. ft. Ecosavr has been designed to sink to the bottom of a pool; a patented release valve in the top fin slowly releases the liquid into your pool water. Just cut along the dotted line, and drop the Ecosavr into your pool. If you have an automatic pool vacuum, please tie Ecosavr to a ladder or other fixture to raise it above the pool bottom. The punch-out hole is provided in the top fin.

Application: One Ecosavr is required per 400 sq. ft. of swimming pool surface area (15,000 gallons). Two are required per 800 sq. ft. of surface area (30,000 gallons). Larger pools should use 3 Ecosavr or consider Heatsavr. Each Ecosavr will last approximately one month.

The Heatsavr Metering System

The Heatsavr Metering System is an optional, reliable, accurate, and inexpensive way to ensure that your pool receives all the energy savings possible from using Heatsavr. Each system is custom programmable to exactly fit your pool's size and hours of operation. Instead of having to treat the pool every evening, there is only a weekly reservoir check and fill. This totally self-contained system consists of a peristaltic pump and 7-day programmable timer. The unit is plumbed into your main return line and plugged into a 110V AC socket. 220V and battery powered units are available upon request.
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