Kayden Liners

Quality Pool Liner Replacements serving
Yorktown Heights NY, Norwalk, CT, Northern NJ, and Western CT

Kayden Manufacturing, Inc. started not so long ago, but we recognized the quality from the moment they opened their doors. Located in New Jersey, this company is a local, family-owned and -operated business, like ours. That means the owner Jeff, is in the factory at some point every day. His hands touch every part of the process from purchasing the vinyl to the manufacturing, and all the way to taking phone calls at his front desk. When the owner is that involved, he is always on hand to make sure the company does the right thing and has superior quality. Jeff is always available to help us out, even if that means coming out to a job site or taking a call to his personal cell phone late on a Sunday afternoon.
Pool Liner Replacements Norwalk, CT

Serving Yorktown Heights, NY, as well as Norwalk, Ridgefield, CT and Northern NJ!

With measuring every one of our in-ground liners, it is important to us to be able to discuss every detail of your liner directly with the manufacturer. When Jeff and I cannot agree on a measurement on paper, he will come out to the jobsite to take a look, and we’ll discuss it there, all to the benefit of the homeowner who gets a great fit and a quality product. That’s why Jeff is one of our manufacturers we turn to when we have a gunite conversion, which requires meticulous measurements.

We love his products because of his extended warranties, but also because he offers to customize pools by mixing and matching liner borders and liner floors at no extra cost to the customer. The majority of his liners come with a 27 mil wall standard.

One of our favorite products he offers is the Pool Bladder. For years we have been looking for some way to help pool owners retain their clean, balanced pool water. The pool bladder gives us the opportunity to save homeowners some money on water delivery if they have the space to hold these bladders.
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